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Community Safe Room Information


The Webb City School District has four community safe rooms available to you in the event of severe weather. The four locations are:

  • Harry S Truman, 810 N. HWY D Webb City, MO - MAX CAPACITY 988
  • Carterville Elementary, 210 E Hall Street, Carterville, MO - MAX CAPACITY 1,141
  • Madge T. James, 211 W Aylor Street, Webb City, MO - MAX CAPACITY 1,394
  • Webb City High School Dome, 621 N Madison St., Webb City, MO - MAX CAPACITY 2,600



  • During school hours, students and staff have priority for Safe Room occupancy.
  • The Safe Room is open only to the public when a tornado warning or a severe weather event with winds in excess of 75 mph has been issued in our area and/or the tornado sirens have been sounded.
  • The Safe Room will remain open only until the watch and/or warning is lifted. When the watch and/or warning expires, the Safe Room must be evacuated.
  • During school hours, a Safe Room Manager is in charge and will be on duty to maintain the facility and to close it after the watch and/or warning expires. After school hours a volunteer Safe Room Supervisor will be in charge. Please follow the directions of the Safe Room Manager/Supervisor or other school personnel at all times.
  • Weapons are prohibited in the Safe Room and on all school property.
  • Smoking or the use of tobacco in any form is prohibited in Safe Rooms and on all school property.
  • Alcohol and drugs (other than those prescribed by a doctor) are prohibited in Safe Rooms and on all school property.
  • As per FEMA guidelines, no animals are allowed in Community Safe Rooms.
  • Radios or music devices may be used only with individual earphones.
  • Safe Room doors must be closed at all times.